Morgan Brown • Teacher Spotlight


Hometown: Rye, New Hampshire
Classes You Teach: Power Flow & Cardio Sculpt
Teaching Style: Strong vinyasa flow and sculpt classes, focused on strengthening the core and creating balance. Morgan combines fluid sequences with long holds to get out of the head and into the present moment with the body.
What's on Your Playlist?: 90s/2000s hip hop/R&B, classic rock, and dreamy vibes
Quote to Live By: "Tomorrow the tide will come in, and who knows what it will bring."
What Inspires You?: Waking up each morning, reading about social, emotional and cognitive development and attachment theory, spending time with my husband, becoming a mom and caring for my baby, walking in Aspen with my dog, stories of recovery from substance abuse, and the moments I have each day to be present in meditation, yoga or pilates.
When I Am Not on My Mat You can Find Me: Counseling middle school students and developing social-emotional learning curriculum at Aspen Country Day School.
Instagram Handle: @mehyoga15


In 2011, Morgan moved to Aspen, first tried Bikram yoga, and fell in love with the practice of being present with and in her body. This was the beginning of a life-changing journey for Morgan, morphing into a lifestyle off the mat. Focusing on mindful movement, while demonstrating awareness, balance, strength, and flexibility are the essential skills Morgan aims to practice on the mat, to cultivate these tools for everyday life. Morgan teaches a power Vinyasa flow class, focused on strength, core muscles, arm balances, and pushing one’s limits to develop growth and accomplishment to take into life off of the mat. Her classes are full of energy, sweat, and fun, loud music. Morgan’s love for wellness, including body, mind, and spirit, is demonstrated in everything that she does. Morgan is also the Social Emotional Learning Coordinator at Aspen Country Day School. Morgan loves sharing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with the students at her school.

Experience & Certifications: 
200-RYT Yoga Alliance - Vinyasa Flow, Pilates Apprenticeship with SSN Pilates, Yoga, Movement, M.A. School Counseling from Adams State University, B.A. Secondary Education/French from Clemson University