O2 Aspen Studio



O2 Aspen delivers an authentic experience and holistic approach to health and wellness.

O2 started as a small yoga & pilates studio in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. Surrounded by endurance athletes, adventure enthusiasts, and overall health-conscious individuals, Brittany Van Domelen envisioned building a transformative brand that caters to all aspects of holistic well-being including the mind, body, and spirit.

O2 offers a space for everyone to experience luxurious wellness… from accessible yoga, fitness, and pilates classes to lavish, high-end spa treatments and sporty-chic lifewear.




Owner of O2 Aspen



An Aspen native, Brittany Van Domelen began working as a manager and assistant buyer at O2 Aspen in 2011, helping grow the fitness, fashion, and beauty business from the ground up. She learned the ins and outs of day-to-day operations; the wants and needs of clients and employees; and of Aspen’s dedication to a yoga and Pilates studio and spa. In 2015, Brittany was presented with the opportunity to buy the O2 Aspen Studio and Spa and couldn’t pass it up.

She believes in supporting the local business community of Aspen, offering jobs to hard-working locals, and providing the best services to both Aspenites and those who visit the beautiful town she calls home. Brittany discovered she has celiac disease, and is passionate about educating herself about nutrition and viewing food as medicine. Her daily muse is fitness and design. When she was a child, Brittany would draw little girls in elaborate clothing, and write stories about fashion shows. She’s recently realized this dream in launching her new line, ARTEM. Today she splits time between New York City and Aspen. You’ll find Brittany in Aspen often, either with her twins in tow, or taking a yoga class in studio.

Currently Obsessed With:
Kate Holstein photographs, toddler slouchy hats, and my new clothing line, ARTEM!

Never Travel Without:
My husband, herbivore lip gloss, and my ARCONA eye cream--does wonders for those jet-lagged dark circles!

Aspen Hangout:
I’m either working or drinking wine in the Jerome Hotel’s living room. I also love Spring Cafe and Bosq. Two great restaurants that focus on healthy, local food!

Favorite Workout:
A hike up the Ute Trail and O2 yoga, I love Arielle’s power hour and Trishka’s Iyengar classes.