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Bruna Velloso

Bruna Velloso

Bruna, O2's dedicated skincare expert, brings a wealth of experience to her craft, having transitioned from law to wellness after moving from Rio de Janeiro to Aspen in 2007. Her diverse journey includes an internship at O2 last summer. Her internship was a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. She had a chance to immerse myself in an environment that is recognized for it's quality and excellence. Skincare, for Bruna, is a powerful tool in promoting physical health and enhancing confidence. Trained at the School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics in Denver and under Knockout Beauty's talented team in LA, she seamlessly blends the latest skincare technology to offer personalized care. Whether battling blemishes or seeking relaxation, Bruna's got you covered. What sets Bruna apart is not just her expertise but the genuine connections she builds with each client and she enjoys helping people feel good in their own skin and look their best.Together, you'll uncover the secrets to your healthiest, happiest skin. When Bruna is not at O2 she enjoys photography, hiking, and fashion.

HOMETOWN:Rio de Janeiro


• Esthetics Training Program from the School of Botanical & Medical Esthetics • Knockout Beauty Training in LA