O2 Style Box

Love a refresh on your closet but not sure where to start? Our stylists are shipping customized style boxes.


We’ll curate a collection of active and lounge styles including accessories and shoes based on your size, style, and budget. Free shipping & returns, just an initial $20 styling fee.


Once you receive your box, try on the items and decide which you wish to keep. Love it all? Receive an extra 20% off the entire box!


Simply pop the items that you wish to return back in the mail within 7 days.

To get started, simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

Approval Box Stylist



"Clothing sends a message about you and your personal brand. That is why a carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word. Streamlining your style to reflect your individuality is an invaluable investment. I love helping my clients discover a style that feels true to who they are so they can feel confident and comfortable in any situation."

Rachel has always been very passionate about fashion and fitness since a very young age. In Rachel’s many years of Pilates practice, clients have naturally gravitated to her sense of style and passion for clothes. This is where she got encouraged to create a space for her clients to get the whole package. A strong healthy body through her specific Pilates Method and dressing them to feel their absolute best!! Rachel is blessed to have organically created a business where together they discover a style that feels true to who they are so they can feel confident and comfortable in any situation.

Style Box Stylist



Molly has always had a passion for fashion. She remembers laying on her parents bed, watching her mom get all dressed up for events and nights out with her dad. Her mother would spray on her signature perfume and carefully apply the perfect shade of lipstick. Watching this ritual excited Molly more than ever! Molly's father wore an impeccable suit to work every day as a doctor and her mother still wears lipstick to Pilates. Her parents taught her brothers and Molly the importance of looking your best which in turn, makes you feel your best.

Molly enjoys finding pieces that make her feel great even if she's just chasing her 21 month old around the house or park! She looks forward to working personally and intimately with the O2 clients and team to curate a wardrobe that takes the thinking out of feeling your best.