4205 Buena Vista Street, Dallas TX 75205


O2 started as a small yoga & Pilates studio in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. Surrounded by endurance athletes, adventure enthusiasts, and overall health-conscious individuals, Brittany Van Domelen envisioned building a brand that caters to all aspects of well-being.

O2 Offers a space for everyone to experience a peaceful environment focused on wellness... from powerful yoga, fitness, and dynamic pilates classes, luxurious beauty treatments, to sought-after activewear and loungewear.

The connection between Texas and Colorado is strong which created an organic and thoughtful evolution to opening our second studio in Dallas.


We believe in making wellness accessible to all who wish to elevate, transform, and grow. We do this by providing thoughtful services that align with each individual's intention.

Dear Dallas,

After years of planning, constructing, and connecting we are beyond excited to launch our second location in one of the most welcoming communities we could imagine. Being in Dallas is a dream because of its strong heartbeat, its people.

Our goal is to offer clients the best wellness experience. O2 is about intention, thoughtfulness, community, and providing a peaceful break from the bustle of life. We believe in creating balance to discover your own path while letting go of rigid rules, a space for you to discover and embrace your individuality. We also believe that your time is sacred and our hope is to efficiently combine fitness, mindfulness, beauty, and style - an opportunity to do more in less time thereby generating more joy and peace.

Dallas, we love you already and are so excited to be in this community. Come by to take a class, shop, and/or schedule a Knockout Beauty treatment.

Well wishes,

Team O2