O2 Aspen Teacher Spotlight: Alysia Lowell

Mom, Colorado native, and a talented Yogi, Alysia has a passion for movement and flow. Learn what brought Alysia to yoga, what's on her playlist in the studio, where she finds her inspiration, and more!




Name: Alysia Lowell
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Classes You Teach: O2 Flow & O2 Power Flow
Instagram Handle: @ace_yogi


In a few words, can you describe what brought you to yoga?
Loneliness and wanting to find a Community. 

How would you describe your teaching style?
My teaching style is dynamic, fluid, and, creative. I playfully invite my students to try new things, such as transitions, arm balances, and inversions in the hope of inspiring them to flow outside of their comfort zone with safe alignment.

Do you have any rituals or routines you swear by?
Get outside into the fresh air every single day no matter what!

What do you love about Aspen in the summer? 
Endless opportunities to get outside barefoot and play! 

What does wellness mean to you?
Being conscious of how I treat my mind and body and being mindful of how my actions affect others. 

Do you have any quotes that you live by? 
“Together may we be protected."

When you're not on your mat, where can we find you?
You’ll find me with my toddler, Cooper, on my back and our two dogs out on a hike or playing in our garden! Or in winter catch me on the slopes!