We are now offering a 25-minute consultation with an O2 Aspen esthetician who has been highly trained in the Biologique Recherche product line. During the consultation, you and your esthetician will discuss your needs and determine which Beauty Box will best serve your skin. Your recommended beauty box will then be shipped to you directly from Biologique Recherche! 

Our custom boxes are designed to fit specific skin types and concerns,
but can be interchangeable during the consultation to fit your exact needs.


Biologique Recherche is a highly sought after, customized skin care program that tailors specific treatments and recommendations for the use of their products to support any skin type. It is a complex and personal approach to a client’s skin care needs. Biologique Recherche products use the highest concentration of active ingredients, essentially “reconditioning” the skin, while restoring vitality, radiance, and evening out skin tone.


• High concentration of botanical, marine and biological extract (over 20% in most products!)
• Free of fragrances
• Cold formulations to protect the original structure of active ingredients
• Free of controversial ingredients including: Paraben, Silicone, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• Free of synthetic colorants


Replenish the skin with this anti-aging kit. With daily use your skin will be transformed using highly concentrated and active ingredients. Benefits: Provides intense hydration, plumping of the epidermis, firm, tone, protect, replenish and glow.

Cleanse: Lait VIPO2 - brightens and Unifies the complexion
Lotion/Tone: P50V - purifies, regulates, hydrates and balances PH
Quintessential Serum: Serum Splenodermine - tones and plumps the skin
Target Serum: Serum: T.E.W.L. -  protects and moisturizes 
Cream: Dermo-R.L. - replenishes in moisture and lipids
Finishing Serum: Serum Yall-O2 - replumps the epidermis
Masks: Masque Visolastine - moisturizes, and revitalizes
Masque VIPO2 - leaves the skin beautifully soft and glowing


Balance and hydrate the skin with this normal to combination skin care kit. Benefits: Brighten, protect, nourish, tone, plump and beautify the epidermis.

Cleanse: Lait VIPO2 - brightens and unifies the complexion
Lotion/Tone: P50V - purifies, regulates, hydrates and balances PH
Quintessential Serum: Serum VG Tensil - firms and tones 
Target Serum: Serum Matriciel Visage - firms
Cream: Crème VIPO2 - brightens the complexion, tones the skin and provides natural protection
Finishing Serum: Fluide VIP O2 -leaves the skin smoother and visibly more beautiful
Mask: Masque VIPO2 - leaves the skin beautifully soft and glowing


Purify the skin with this kit that will combat either oily or acneic skin. Whether you need to regulate sebum production or target specific breakouts, BR and O2 have the right combo for you. Benefits: Purifies and treats, revitalizes, tones, soothes, unifies, brightens and mattifies the skin.

Cleanse: Lait U - gently removes impurities
Lotion/Tone: P50 - purifies the epidermis
Quintessential Serum for Acne: Serum Iribiol - purifies
Quintessential Serum for Oily: Serum Placenta - revitalizes and tones
Cream for Acne: Crème Dermopurifiante - brightens and mattifies the skin
Cream for Oily: Crème Placenta - revitalizes and purifies the epidermis
Finishing Serum: Renovateur 14 - revitalizes
Mask: Masque Vivant - brightens, tones and refreshes the complexion
Masque BioMagic - unifies and Brightens the complexion


Revitalize pigmented and dull skin with this anti-aging pigmentation kit. This combo will relieve the signs of stressed or devitalized skin. Benefits: Balance, even skin tone, illuminate, reduce pigmentation marks, unify and brighten the complexion.

Cleanse: Lait VIPO2 - brightens and unifies the complexion
Lotion/Tone: Lotion P50 PIGM 400 - brightens and unifies
Quintessential Serum: Serum Oligo-Proteines Marines - brightens and tones
Target Serum: Serum PIGM 400 - brightens and Unifies the Complexion
Cream: Crème PIGM 400 - makes the complexion even
Finishing Serum: Serum Silk Plus - unifies the complexion, visibly firms and leaves it smoother. 
Masks: Masque VIPO2 - leaves the skin beautiful, soft and glowing
BioMagic Mask - unifies and Brightens the complexion


Hydrate and Soothe with this combo put together for those that have sensitive or reactive skin types. Benefits: Balance, protect, unify, soften, soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

Cleanse: Lait U - gently removes impurities
Lotion/Tone: P50W - gently purifies the epidermis
Lotion/Tone (extremely sensitive): Eau Micellaire Biosensible - removes makeup, soothes tones and hydrates.
Quintessential Serum: Serum Amniotique E. - hydrates and soothes
Target Serums: Serum Biosensible - moisturizes sensitive skin
Or Serum Erythros - unifies and soothes
Cream VIPO2 - brightens the complexion, tones and provides protection
Finishing Serum: Fluide VIPO2 - leaves skin smoother and visibly more beautiful
Mask: Masque Biosensible - soothes, softens and brightens skin