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  • Kroma Signature 5-Day Lifestyle Reset

Signature 5-Day Lifestyle Reset

$395 USD Only 1 left!

Whether you just returned from traveling or are just looking for a wellness jump-start, this 5-day reset from Kroma will become an instant staple in your routine. It helps nourish your body and mind so you'll feel amazing! This package includes 50 foods + beverages carefully labeled in order each day to keep you fueled throughout the week.

Please note, the signature kit does not include: Kroma frother, Change Your Life Chai Latte (x3), Kroma hemp tote bag, Kroma exclusive spoon, Kroma “Elemental” tumbler, Perfect Fast Ginger Turmeric Tea, and Coconut Creamer w/MCT. These are all included in the Deluxe Edition. 

ABOUT KROMA - 5 Benefits:

  • Nutrient-dense superfoods for a lifestyle change
  • Non-perishable sachets & jars for busy days
  • Flexible resets with dairy-free options
  • Includes supernutrients MCT oil, ashwagandha, turmeric, and l-theanine
  • After the five-day reset, cravings for junk foods are replaced with an appetite for nutritious foods that fulfill you