O2 Lymphatic Cleanse Q & A with Aubree Schiesser

Aubree Schiesser is an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in yoga, anatomy, and Thai Massage, with a background in nutrition, Ayurvedic practices, and energy healing; including Reiki, polarity, and healing touch therapy. 



Q: Can you tell us a little about your background? How did you get started in massage therapy?
A: I’ve been doing some sort of body work ever since I was little. Most kids got bedtime stories, I’d be lulled off to sleep by mom teaching me how to balance my chakras. At family functions people would line up to get a massage from me. Grandma would teach me how to feel unbalanced energy and how to ease it. I think what really solidified my passion for this was watching my dad massage my baby brother's clubbed foot every chance he got, eventually correcting its position. Later, that same brother got a scholarship for running track. 

In 2008-2010 I studied at South West Institute of Healing Arts and collected a slew of modalities, including yoga, anatomy, and Thai Massage, nutrition, Ayurvedic practices, and energy healing, I also earned my Mind Body Wellness Practitioners Degree. I originally went into the program to learn yoga, which has a huge influence in my work today, in my own body mechanics and how I manipulate my clients body. When I wanted to expand beyond teaching yoga I moved into learning massage.   

I was always so curious about the natural flow of the body, whether it be muscular, skeletal, nerves, energy, prana. So naturally, Lymph massage sparked my interest. 

Q: One of your specialities is lymphatic cleanses? Can you tell us about this approach to massage?
A: Lymphatic cleanses are a very different approach to my other work in massage. I use lymphatic drainage massage techniques to increase lymphatic flow through the system, optimizing wellbeing within the body. The motions are short, gentle strokes that slowly move throughout the entire body. It’s a wonderful way to relax, renew and rejuvenate. I use gentle pressure and a light touch throughout the session to release blockages and to coax the lymph in a healthy direction, creating balance.

During your session, here is what you can expect:

I first start with an activation period, that involves stimulating the major lymphatic sites, prepping the body. This includes deep interactive breathing along with pumping key points of the body. We then move into stimulating the joints of the body, dry brushing the skin to excite the lymph, and then followed by a "milking" of the limbs. I continue to follow the lymphatic pattern through the body, coaxing the fluid in a healthy direction. Each session ends with a face massage using a gua sha tool. 

During the entire massage I teach my clients how to do this technique themselves so they may do maintenance work at home. After this first massage they receive the dry brush (and gua sha tool if purchased) and are asked to bring back in for their follow up appointments.

Q: What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?
A: There are so many benefits to lymphatic drainage! A few benefits are; more efficient healing to injury or surgery, reduced swelling and fluid retention, increase circulation, mood boost, improved digestion, recovering from illness, jetlag, and pms and many more!

Q: How often should one go for a lymphatic cleanse massage?
A: This really depends on the client's goals. If they have swelling, post surgery or major illness I would recommend weekly for the first month. For more mild cases we may evaluate in our session what sounds reasonable. For maintenance, quarterly is perfect.

A lymphatic cleanses is also a wonderful thing to include in any pre and post surgery, to heal from jet lag, and to just jump start your body up and running. It is always important to remember every person is different and by scheduling an initial appointment we can discuss your body’s needs.

Something to note is if you are feeling like you are coming down with something, I do not recommend you get a lymphatic cleanse as it will dramatically enhance your symptoms. It’s best to wait till you are well past your illness, let your body do its job, when it is better, I'll be here to help clean up the residual.


Q: Do suggest combining it with other massage techniques or varying up the type of massage you receive?
A: During your appointment I will be adding in forms of Thai massage as well as pumping and moving the body.

Again, every person is different and it’s vital to listen to your body and what your body needs. I’m always happy to talk through an ideal massage schedule with clients.


Q: Do you have any recommendations for at-home treatments?

What’s so great about our service is when you walk out of our session you get your own brush to tend to your needs at home. This tool is perfect to give yourself some gentle love to calm down from a stressful day or to connect with your body before a busy day.  When using your brush at home make sure to always work towards your heart and work little by little down your arms and legs. Another wonderful at-home treatments are warm baths, large dynamic movements like sun salutations, and deep breathing.

Q: Anything else you wish to share about Lymphatic Cleanse Massages?
A: This may sound like a very gentle massage, but when it comes to lymphatic, gentle is powerful. The touch is gentle for good reason, the lymph lives close to the skin and is very delicate, a firm touch compresses the lymph and restricts movement, a light touch excites the lymph and flows easily. Body movement (yoga, walking, etc) and the pumping (breathing in and out) of the diaphragm is key to good lymphatic flow.

Gentle and light is powerful too. Be kind to your body. I look forward to assisting with your healing.

Q: When you're not working, what are you most likely up to?
A: When I’m not at work you can find me enjoying the beautiful valley we live in with my 8 year old son. I am all about balance, just as peaceful as this might read, I play hard. I love white water paddle boarding and any rougher sports where my adrenaline gets pumping like rugby and roller derby. I’m also a certified Pistol Instructor (you can call me Annie Oakley) and have recently joined Aspen MMA.