O2 Aspen Teacher Spotlight: Michelle Bersani


Hometown: Syracuse, New York 

Classes You Teach: O2 Power Flow, Stretch, Restorative, and Reformer Pilates
Teaching Style: I truly teach to the class description, and always with love. Expect lots of choices so you get what you need, whether that's an incredible challenge or deep relaxation. Movement, meditation, exercise -- whatever it may be -- are all a means of self care!

What's on Your Playlist?: Rolling Stones, Dr Dre, and Erykah Badu

Quote to Live By: "Live in possibility!"

What Inspires You?: My clients -- especially their strength and commitment to their wellbeing.

When not on a reformer or mat where can we find you: Being a social butterfly or holing up alone with a book for days on end. There's no in between!

Instagram Handle: @michellebersani


Michelle B


About Michelle: 
Empowered self-healing through embodied self-awareness. Known for her sense of humor and invitational, inquisitive approach, Michelle creates an environment that facilitates self-exploration and deep listening, encouraging all to embody the power of choice on and off the mat. Michelle began practicing asana and meditation in an attempt to alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disease and work-related stress. She takes a deep interest in the therapeutic healing opportunities yoga can provide. Her teachings and personal practice are grounded in an unwavering foundation of love for self and others.

Experience & Certifications: 
200 hour Boston Yoga School; Connected Warriors Trauma Conscious Training and Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy