O2 owner and buyer Brittany Van Domelan’s winter routine

A Roaring Fork Valley native and Aspen based mother-of-twins, O2 owner and buyer Brittany Van Domelan planted her O2 roots in 2011, when she worked as assistant buyer for the studio’s Cooper Street clothing boutique. Since then, she’s taken over as owner, purchased a 60-year-old building designed by Fritz Benedict, moved the studio from West Main Street to Wagner Park and transformed a former McDonald’s into Aspen’s beacon of health and wellness. Between operating an ever-expanding business, buying for O2 and raising twin boys, Brittany’s free moments come fewer than they used to. But the trained yoga instructor fuels her busy days with efficient workouts and worthwhile rewards.

Favorite winter workouts?
Hot Power Flow at O2. I like the heat in the winter, and I like to get my heart rate up. Outside, I like skinning up Tiehack. I treat myself with a hot chocolate at the top.

Other favorite winter warmer?
I am the only person in Aspen who drinks iced coffee with almond or coconut milk all year round. Iced lattes from Gorsuch are my favorite right now.

Favorite ski area?
Ajax, because I can easily make it to yin yoga at O2 afterward.

Winter lunch?
Ajax Tavern. I’m addicted to their vegan cauliflower gratin. I love Spring Cafe's breakfast skillet, but you have to make it there before 11am!

Après routine?
My apres life has dwindled since having kids. I love a glass of red wine fireside at the Nell, but you can usually find us at Home Team BBQ after doing a few runs with the boys after ski school!

Favorite spot for dinner?
Matsuhisa. I order the new-style salmon, tuna toro and an adam roll.

Favorite winter kid activities?
We love skiing Elk Camp at Snowmass with the kids. Last year we ended the season with a top-to-bottom run with our three year olds! I have never been so proud.