Kroma Reset Q & A with O2 COO, Julia Whipple

Kroma has quickly become an O2 favorite and a staple in our team's wellness routine. Founded in LA, Kroma believes in the power of food as medicine and that mother nature is our greatest resource to naturally fuel our mind, body, and soul. They take a refreshing approach to cleanses with their 5-day reset. While it is fulfilling and nourishing, it also effectively provides a body detox that many of us need now and again. With their reset, you receive 10 pouches each day including delicious lattes, smoothies, elixirs, and broths.
We recently sat down with our COO, Julia Whipple, who completed the reset with her husband and wanted to share some insights from their experience.




Q: What led you to try the Kroma Reset?
A: Leading up to the reset, my husband and I both felt like we had been overindulging quite a bit and just out of our normal routine. He had been traveling in South America and I had a few busy weeks of friend's visiting, birthday celebrations, grazing off my toddler's meals, drinking lots of coffee, you get the gist...



Q: How were you feeling before the reset? 
A: Before the reset, our sleep wasn't great, we were craving salty and sweet foods, had brain fog, and felt lethargic which I overcompensated with coffee only to feel anxious and jittery. 
Q: How did you prepare? Did you do anything the few days leading up to the start? 
A: To be honest, we didn't prepare from a nutritional standpoint but wish we had! When I do this again, I will definitely try to eat clean(er) leading up to the kickoff. However, the day before I did go grocery shopping, chopped veggies, cleaned berries for the porridge, and made sure we had plenty of Yeti mugs for the different pouches -- this was all so helpful as we felt set for success from the start. 

Q: How did you feel during the reset? 
A: Since you are eating and drinking 10 pouches each day, I really felt great! Mornings were the best; I wasn't hungry, didn't have cravings, loved the porridge, matcha, smoothies, etc., and I found that I had a lot of energy! The first two days, I found myself craving a little something in the evenings but by the third day this had dissipated. 



Q: What made it easier? Did you find it challenging?
A: I think each pouch is delicious -- so that helped immensely! Prepping also was a huge help and made that much easier. Most days, I would put together the pouches (hot/cold water, smoothies, porridge in a mason jar, etc.) before I left in the morning so I always had something ready at my fingertips. This helped so much! I loved adding berries to the porridge and steamed veggies to the evening broth. 
I think the hardest part was making a toddler 3 square meals and 2 snacks a day... resisting that little nibble while cooking is harder than I expected ;). 
Q: What did you do fitness or self-care wise during the reset
A: I took two Pilates classes and 1 yoga class throughout the reset. I also took our toddler for walks to soak in some vitamin D. Along with the reset, I started using the HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket, which is one of my new favorite biohacks. I loved combining an hour in the blanket each evening along with the reset to eliminate toxins from the winter.

Q: How did you feel afterwards?
A: I loved the immediate sense of wellness after the reset. I was sleeping better, cravings were almost non-existent, I felt lighter, less bloated, and a bit brighter mentally. Now, I just need to do it again! 

Q: Have you incorporated any of Kroma's products into your everyday life? 
A: I love the Super Porridge and have continued having that for late breakfasts / early lunches. I also love the veggie miso broth which I often have as a late lunch following the porridge. And finally, I think the Matcha is a great little treat to try and wean me off this coffee addiction.