Sunday Master Class with Shannon Day

Welcome to the Sunday Master Class, a transformative workshop designed for practitioners eager to delve deep into a mindful exploration of a series of asanas, culminating in a playful peak. This class is open to all, regardless of experience level. This flow emphasizes the process rather than the final result. Whether it's a seated posture, a backbend, or even a hand balance or inversion, a carefully crafted flow will guide each participant towards accessing this peak posture.

The class unfolds with a luscious and extended warm-up sequence, followed by a standing series that prepares the body for the shape of the pose, cultivating both stability and suppleness. This meticulous process ensures that the peak posture becomes attainable for everyone.

But it doesn't end there! We'll then gently settle and cool the body, bringing intentionality to each movement. We'll soothe the mind and conclude with breathwork and meditation, offering an essential and comprehensive yoga immersion, integrating with the final savasana. Join us for a practice that celebrates both the journey and the destination.

*$38 Drop-In, Punch Passes & Memberships Accepted

*Plus more upcoming class dates: July 28th, August 11th, and August 25th