O2 Dallas Yoga Studio's Unique Heat Experience

We believe that yoga and mindful movement create heat from within. When practicing active breathing methods such as Ujjayi pranayama, internal heat and energy is cultivated through the breath in collaboration with the detoxing and activating movements of your physical practice. The use of infrared heat paneling in our Yoga Studio focuses on mimicking qualities of the sun’s warmth- creating energy to heat student’s bodies and the floor, as opposed to traditional heating systems that work to heat the air. Because the student is the primary target of warmth (both from the breath/movement practice and the infrared heaters), O2’s heat will remain between 96-100 degrees fahrenheit to ensure optimization and safety of your practice. Our priority is keeping your class activating for the body, rather than stressing.

We can't wait to 'turn up the heat' and meet you on your mat in the new studio!