Chakra Balancing Sound Bath

Join Danielle in the studio on Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, April 14th from 5:45 - 6:45 pm for another special sound bath class, Chakra Balancing Sound Bath.

You are made up of energy; within you and around you. You have 7 main energy centers, known as Chakras. Their energy influences your mind, emotions, mental state and physical body. When these centers are out of balance you may experience fatigue, brain fog, indecisiveness, loss of appetite, lack of motivation, feeling lost or uncertain, just to name a few. This is why it's important to take time to connect to these brilliant energy centers and cleanse, clear and balance them. You can feel lighter, more free, have more clarity, spark inspiration, creativity and positivity into your life when you practice guided meditations to activate these chakras. You will be invited to lay down in a comfortable savanna position as Danielle guides you through a visualization meditation and soothing sound bath. Realign your vibrational energy with this magical experience. 

*$55 Drop In & $40 for O2 Monthly Members